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Nestlé Nutrition Expands Pediatric Line

For Immediate Release: September 23, 2004

Joan Lenherr
The Hiebing Group
(608) 256-6357

NESTLÉ® CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST® JUNIOR™ combines the great taste of the beloved nutritional drink with a blend of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber designed to help children grow and develop.

Packed with 250 calories and eight grams of high-quality milk protein, Carnation Instant Breakfast Junior provides 20 percent more calcium and 35 to 40 percent less sucrose than Pediasure™. It also features Nestlé's proprietary insoluble fiber blend, PREBIO1™ to help support intestinal health.

Children don't accept nutrition that tastes medicinal and neither does Nestlé, said Dr. Jose M. Saavedra, M.D., medical and scientific director of Nestlé USA's Nutrition Division. In pediatric nutrition, in particular, taste is critical to compliance. With its chocolate and vanilla flavors and fun packaging, children won't feel like they're taking medicine. But, in fact, they are getting just as much nutritional support as they would from competing oral supplements.

CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST JUNIOR is formulated to provide nutrition support for growth and development, recovery from illness, weight management and for picky eaters. PEPTAMEN JUNIOR® WITH PREBIO1™ is formulated for GI-comprised children, ages 1–10, with more serious nutritional challenges.

PEPTAMEN JUNIOR WITH PREBIO1 expands upon the success of PEPTAMEN JUNIOR™ by adding the benefits of prebiotic fiber. It's the ideal nutrition support for individuals with chronic diarrhea/malabsorption, growth failure, short-bowel syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, Crohn's disease, HIV/AIDS and bowel transplants.

PREBIO1, a unique blend of the prebiotic insoluble fibers fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin, is designed to deliver the potential benefits of prebiotics throughout the colon. The addition of PREBIO1 is intended to enhance the positive outcomes that have been associated with PEPTAMEN for more than 15 years.

PEPTAMEN has been a favorite of clinicians for years, Dr. Saavedra said. Adding PREBIO1 to PEPTAMEN JUNIOR expands the flexibility of this excellent product and more fully addresses the nutrition needs of GI-challenged children.

About Nestlé Nutrition

A division of the world's largest food company, Nestlé Nutrition blends its knowledge of nutrition and science to meet the needs of acute and chronically ill adults and children. We collaborate closely with global nutrition thought-leaders and partner with clinicians to test the efficacy, safety and tolerance of our products through clinical studies.

All of our products provide the most advanced nutrient profile by combining research-based formulation, high-quality raw materials and advanced production methods. But science is only part of the formulation. Nestlé Nutrition firmly believes that supplemental nutrition doesn't have to taste medicinal and should resemble food whenever possible to encourage compliance. Providing optimal nutrition in a variety of delicious tastes and palatable textures is our strength as a company with more than a century of food and nutrition experience.

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